Home of Endoscopy Skills

We have a unique concept where the doctors can get trained in the field of laparoscopy, and after the training they can independently perform their cases. This integrated laparoscopy training course is an important postgraduate opportunity for surgeons and gynaecologists to be trained in laparoscopic surgery and its underpinning technologies in depth. Our laparoscopic surgery fellowship centre is located in the coastal town of Mangalore, Karnataka, India.

The candidate doesn’t need to attend the additional workshop or programme after they have taken the course, be it for basic laparoscopy or for suturing and knotting. There will be plenty of time to practise the hands-on exercise until it is perfect.The institute is not influenced by an advertiser, sponsor, or company.

We don’t use a simple endo-trainer because it cannot provide a real feeling to the surgeon, and the basic concepts of depth perception and hand-eye coordination will not be attained. Instead, we provide real instruments to every candidate so that they can learn all the essential skills of minimal access surgery.


Why Choose Us?

We are a group of surgeons who decided to impart the skill set we acquired over the course of clinical practice, through senior expert guidance and to some extent through our own trials and mistakes, to those new to the field of laparoscopy, regardless of where they stand when they approach us with the urge to learn.

We offer a uniquely structured programme for developing in the field, emphasising laparoscopy skills, guidelines, and knowledge aspects of performance to aid in smoother performance and reduce errors to the lowest possible level. In the process of initial learning, so that there is absolutely no harm caused to any human subject or animal, we stick, as far as possible, to lab and demonstration-based modules. We, as a group, believe in the most empathetic, ethical, nature-loving, and less adventurous practice of teaching that does not inflict extra pain or harm on any living being.